Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Essential Component to Online Business

By January 1, 2019Web Design & Offshore Hosting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Essential Component to Online Business


Surely at some point you have googled a service, or a product, to find certain webpages at the top of your results. Despite popular belief, making your way to the top of google has nothing to do with popularity or money. In fact, it is a magical little component known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


The name, SEO, is pretty well at explaining itself. It is literally the optimization of searches. Essentially what that means, is that SEO is the component of a website that decides how often your site shows up, and how high up on the front page of google it shows up when people use search terms related to your site. This is not some complex code or application embedded in the site, rather, SEO is the clever use of keywords and content to manipulate google into bringing your site to the front lines.




It isn’t always about simply landing on the front page of google, what business-minded people want is more customers. SEO can direct your website to targeted audiences and can make sure that your site is only seen by those who will care. In turn, it will increase not only traffic, but meaningful traffic. So when google places your site in front of someone, it will be someone who has a higher chance of buying your service or product.




Content, content, content, did I say content? It is all about the goods, and the more videos, pictures, and blogs your site has then the better SEO your site has as well. Seems simple, but that is just scratching the surface. Within your blogs there are certain keywords and phrases that can improve their SEO effectiveness. However, one cannot simply throw up random content and rake in the customers.


Although the basics of SEO are simple, the application is not. It can take years to fully master SEO. There are so many hidden tricks and word combinations that make your site increase in popularity. On top of that, if you are not careful, google can become confused and target your site to the wrong audience. This is why it is direly important to hire a professional. After hiring an SEO specialist, you will notice a huge bump in traffic and interested customer within the first month of having a correctly SEO treated website.


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