Harvesting Profits from Offshore Fruit Farms

By July 27, 2017Offshore Real Estate

Here at Truth to the Nations we don’t only offer our knowledge, but we offer our expertise and connections as a direct source for helping you meet your investments needs. One way we do this is by offering offshore real estate opportunities such as farmland. In this article we will provide an in-depth look at Organic Fruit Tree Farms in Panama, and provide you a link to pursue purchasing one.

Harvesting Profits from Offshore Farm Property In Panama

In our other brief discussions of offshore properties, we covered the many benefits of said properties. Now we will go in depth with an actual property that you can purchase.


Fruit Tree Farms make a good first offshore investment. Many of the professional offshore investors often acquire fruit tree farms. This is because the property not only grows in value over time, but it also produces a commodity that can be sold for profit.

Depending on availability, there are Mango, Avocado, and Lime farms for sale. These farms are all inclusive and typically are 2.5 acres in size. Once purchased you will become the sole owner of the fruit farm. On top of sole ownership, this all-inclusive deal provides professional farming services that will maintain your farm every year and ship out the fruits.


The fruits produced on your lands will be 100% organic, so not only will you be doing the world a favor by producing healthy quality fruits, you will also reel in more profits because organic fruits tend to sell for more.  On average, offshore fruit farm owners pull in 17-19% profit each year based of their initial investment. This can vary based on supply and demand.

Worry not, even if your fruits have a bad year don’t forget that you also possess ownership of the land which increases in value constantly. In fact, due to the growing popularity of Panama fruit farms specifically, the value of these lands increase an average of 11% per year.


The price for the fruit farms we have located for you can range from $39,500-$47,000 depending on which fruit farm you decide to purchase. Below is a direct link to a real estate site where you can move forward with this investment. There you will find all the details and contact information you need on the fruit farm properties.