Benefits of Cannabis and its Natural Place in our Bodies

By July 27, 2017Government Deceptions

Benefits of Cannabis and its Natural Place in our Bodies


One of the greatest deceptions of the American government was the moment that cannabinoids were classified as a schedule one substance. Many politicians have propagated cannabis as evil, or detrimental to our society. Not only has this resulted in overpopulation of our prison systems, but it has also resulted in the removal of an essential medical treatment for many people suffering from anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, and even suppressing many of the negative side effects of cancer.


The reason such a large scale deception was even possible is because cannabinoids are greatly misunderstood. Over the years, essential information has been withheld from the general public about this substance. Not only are cannabinoids entirely safe, but they actually hold a natural position in our bodies.


Located in the human body since birth, we have special receptors known as Cannabinoid Receptors located within the Endocannabinoid System. This system is responsible for a variety of essential bodily functions such as taste, appetite, mood, memory, pain receptors. Cannabinoid Receptors are located throughout the body, in our brains, immune system, and even our reproductive organs. Simply put, these receptors are designed to receive cannabinoids.


So this begs the question, if our bodies are naturally designed to receive cannabinoids (a substance found in cannabis) then why has it been taught for years that it is bad for us? The short answer is money. But, we will get to that in due time. Let us explore another resounding fact about cannabis.




There has never been a single death attributed to only cannabis. Over time the government and lawmakers have spread false truths about deaths involving cannabis, when in fact in these rare scenarios there is always another, much harder, drug involved. Speaking in terms of only cannabis there has never been a death recorded.


Now let’s compare this to one of America’s favorite past-times—alcohol. This dangerous and poisonous substance has plagued society for centuries. Yes, in moderation it may not be so bad. However, it is often abused. Domestic violence, homicide, suicide, and many other grave crimes can be attributed to the use of alcohol. In fact, according to a government website-


“An estimated 88,0009 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women9) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States.”




When compared to cannabis, there is no fathomable reason why cannabis should be illegal, while alcohol is not. The simple answer, as mentioned before, is money. Pharmaceutical companies have long fought to keep cannabis off the markets. It is too efficient and cost-effective for the general public. Not only that, but it solves various health problems, which if made fully legal would cause pharm companies to lose profits because people would need less of their drugs. Cannabis can be grown in your back yard, so why would you ever need to walk into a drug store to pick up your ten different types of medications.


To summarize, the government and pharmaceutical companies will always fight and push how evil cannabis is. But, let us not forget that cannabis is not just beneficial for health purposes, but our bodies are designed to receive cannabinoids. Not only is it designed, but it produces cannabinoids. The government has spread lies that have rooted deep in our society, resulting in the banishment of a chemical that naturally flows in your body. There is only one way to reverse this terrible misguidance by our government, and that is to voice your opinion through letters, phone calls, or even protest.


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