Fuel Your Body with Vitamins

By July 17, 2017Vitamins & Nutrition

Fuel Your Body with Vitamins

The human body is like an intricate machine. It runs its best when it is maintained properly and refueled regularly. For humans, vitamins and nutrition is our maintenance and fuel. Regular vitamin intake can boost energy, stamina, metabolism, and various things that improve your quality of life. This is why, proper and regular dosage of vitamins and nutrients should be on everyone’s daily to-do-list.


Know the Vitamins That You Consume in Daily Basis 

Below is a comprehensive list of our most basic, yet essential, vitamins and where you can access them easily.


Vitamin A

Carrots are a popular treat. They are crunchy and refreshing, buy have you ever thought what vitamin it offers you? Carrots carry Vitamin A which keeps our teeth, eye and skin in working condition. If you are not a big fan of carrots that’s okay, because cantaloupe, melons, and sweet potatoes also are a great source of Vitamin A.


Vitamin K 

Green veggies are a staple for healthy food. They often make it onto every plate that involves vegetable. These refreshing snacks offer Vitamin K. This vitamin prevents blood clots and help blood flow, resulting in a more efficient body and mind. Veggies like broccoli and spinach are major sources of Vitamin K.


Vitamin D

Working in conjunction with Calcium, Vitamin D provides bone health and lets the body more easily absorb Calcium. Protein enriched food elements like eggs and fish offer this wonderful vitamin. The most popular source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Simply going for a stroll on a beautiful day can boost your health. Surprisingly this vitamin also has been shown to fight various diseases. This includes, but is not limited to, Sclerosis, heart disease, and it can even reduce your risk of getting the Flu. Possibly one of the most beneficial aspects of Vitamin D is its ability to fight depression. Researchers have discovered that people with large amounts of Vitamin D end up being happier. People with anxiety problems tend to lack adequate Vitamin D.


Make Sure Your Vitamins Are Up to Par

Veggies and food are not the only method of obtaining essential vitamins. There are various health companies that offer supplements filled with vitamins in their purest most concentrated form. Simply taking one pill, or liquid gel cap, can set you up for the entire day on your recommended vitamin intake. Be sure tor research and find the company right for you. Consulting a specialist or professional will always boost the effectiveness of your diet and vitamin intake as they can regulate and help make sure you are getting exactly what you need for your specific body and lifestyle.